Episode 26 | Christopher Valin & Superheroes


Christopher Valin is the Batman of Super Hero Fiction. As a hero, he gets a little jumpy around outlaws… Plus: Is the job of sidekick just an exciting union Apprenticeship? How could Kevin never have seen the Tick? What lifechanging events happened since episode 25 (or 50)? Find out in episode 26 of LITERARY OUTLAWS! … [Read more…]

Episode 20 | Will Swardstrom


Everybody knows Will, right? He’s an outlaw now!   Jason met Will earlier this year, so he skipped out on the interview. That didn’t stop Kevin and Will from having an energetic and fun conversation about life and writing. Make sure you listen to this one! Will Swardstrom is a high school history teacher and … [Read more…]

Episode 18 | Rhett Bruno


Rhett Bruno is a traditionally published author who approaches his work like an Indie! With a new release just days old, Rhett Bruno drops in to talk about why going with a publisher might be in the best interest of a budding indie author. We talk about Space Operas, the cost of self publishing, moonlighting … [Read more…]