Episode 26 | Christopher Valin & Superheroes

1450797233Christopher Valin is the Batman of Super Hero Fiction. As a hero, he gets a little jumpy around outlaws…

Plus: Is the job of sidekick just an exciting union Apprenticeship? How could Kevin never have seen the Tick? What lifechanging events happened since episode 25 (or 50)?

Find out in episode 26 of LITERARY OUTLAWS!

Christopher J. Valin is a writer, teacher, artist, and historian living in the Los Angeles area. He received his masters’ degree with honors in military history from American Military University and his bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Christopher is the 5x-great-grandson of Sir Charles Douglas, the subject of his book, Fortune’s Favorite: Sir Charles and the Breaking of the Line.

  • Read Christopher’s definitive post on why Batman is better than Superman…HERE!

  • Find out more about Christopher at his website: ChristopherValin.com

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Context for your listening enjoyment!

The Undertaker, king of all wrestling entrances!





  1. Thanks for having me on. It was fun!

    The Tick is one of my favorite characters, and I completely agree that everyone should check it out. The comic version of the story Jason talked about with the nightclub is even funnier than the cartoon version, by the way.

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