Episode 47 | Brian Staveley Interview

 Get Ready Outlaws for our Brian Staveley Interview! Brian Staveley is our latest interview. He talks about his Fantasy series, Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne.  Featuring: Brian Staveley stuff, Fantasy, Adventure Driving, and more! Show Notes & Links Brian Staveley’s website: https://bstaveley.wordpress.com/about/ Kevin G. Summers has a Patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/kevingsummers Jason Anspach has a groundbreaking work of science fiction … [Read more…]

Episode 46 | Aye, Kroese

Today We’re Interviewing Robert Kroese about the release of his latest work, Aye, Robot! Robert Kroese appears on the show for a second time to talk about the continuing adventures of the bumbling Rex Nihilo and his near-sentient sidekick, SASHA, in Aye, Robot. Featuring: Robert Kroese stuff, Costa Rica, Star Wars, Michigan, and more! Show Notes … [Read more…]