Episode 48 | Monsters! with Steve Beaulieu & Nick Cole

 Get Ready Outlaws for a new anthology feather Outlaw Kevin & Outlaw Jason! Editor and contributor Steve Beaulieu joins the show along with Nick Cole. We talk about Steve’s newest anthology, In Your Closet + In Your Head: A Monster Anthology.  Featuring: Monsters! Faith! Beaulieu! Cole! and more! Show Notes & Links Steve Beaulieu’s website: Hallandbeaulieu.com/ … [Read more…]

Episode 47 | Brian Staveley Interview

 Get Ready Outlaws for our Brian Staveley Interview! Brian Staveley is our latest interview. He talks about his Fantasy series, Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne.  Featuring: Brian Staveley stuff, Fantasy, Adventure Driving, and more! Show Notes & Links Brian Staveley’s website: https://bstaveley.wordpress.com/about/ Kevin G. Summers has a Patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/kevingsummers Jason Anspach has a groundbreaking work of science fiction … [Read more…]

Episode 46 | Aye, Kroese

Today We’re Interviewing Robert Kroese about the release of his latest work, Aye, Robot! Robert Kroese appears on the show for a second time to talk about the continuing adventures of the bumbling Rex Nihilo and his near-sentient sidekick, SASHA, in Aye, Robot. Featuring: Robert Kroese stuff, Costa Rica, Star Wars, Michigan, and more! Show Notes … [Read more…]

Episode 45 | Welcome Back, Outlaws…to Trappist-1

It’s been two months! What could have coaxed the Literary Outlaws from their winter hibernation? Using science, we break down the numbers and examine the facts. Featuring: The road to Trappist-1, Animal Husbandry, World Series Predictions Around the Campfire: Here is Jason’s original article on Trappist-1, featured on today’s broadcast. Show Notes & Links Kevin … [Read more…]

An Outlaw Christmas

The Stars come out to shine in this Holiday Classic. When Kevin has trouble finding the true meaning of Christmas, Jason looks to bring him Christmas cheer enough to find a song in his heart. But a violent snowstorm might prevent that from ever happening without a little help from special guests Hank Garner, Louis … [Read more…]

Episode 44 | What a (D&D) Character!

Jason, a Seasoned Dungeon Master tries to find out what sort of D&D character Kevin would really be. Plus, what goes into formatting a book? Around the Campfire: What do you like to see in a print book? How about an ebook? What are the little extras that you appreciate? Show Notes & Links THE BLEAK … [Read more…]